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Florida’s Best 4th of July Parade That You Just Can’t Miss

July’s first week is certainly the best time to visit Florida since is the time when you will witness Floridians in the best of spirits and the cities turn out to be the most beautiful locations to explore. 4th of July, Independence Day, is a day for celebration and festivities all across the United States. Here in Miami, Florida, the diversity of parades, unity of culture and the entire galore is a glamorous spectacle to behold.

It is undoubtedly worth spending this unique evening under the dark night sky with the beauty of palm trees and the breeze and the waves of ocean landing onto the sand. The fireworks take this experience to just another level. No matter where you are from, you are sure to get enchanted by the patriotic air of this day.

Be it the view from the land or on a boat sailing across Florida’s coastlines, the views are immersive and vivid. Every beach has attractive ways of celebrating this special day and through this post, we’ll take you through some of the famous venues, that you can not miss if you’re visiting Miami during the July 4th holiday.

1. North Miami Beach

The celebrations at North Miami is a perfect fit if you wish to venture out with your family. With food vendors around the beach and offerings like bounce houses, this beach near Biscayne Bay, North Miami is worth a visit. Live music and fireworks are an addition to the ultimate experience on the 4th of July at North Miami Beach.

2. Hollywood Beach

The Hollywood Beach is known for its vibrancy of colors all day long on the day of Independence. The beach is red, white and blue for the entire day and is amongst South Florida’s largest parades. The fireworks on the shore usually begins at 9 PM. Look for a spot along the Hollywood Beach boardwalk to be able to witness the display from a vantage point.

3. West Palm Beach

If you’re looking for South Florida’s largest fireworks display, West Palm Beach can be your dream destination. The location is a plush destination for your summer excursion. What you get is brilliant fireworks all over the skyline and live music and many more family activities. To add on to the excitement is the exclusive VIP club which has been designed to better witness all the celebrations.

4. Key West, Florida

Undoubtedly, Key West is the best place to enjoy the celebrations of 4th July. Although, the place is fun to visit even on regular days, on this specific day, the beauty of this beach is at its peak. You will find everything you would ever wish to experience on the same beach, be it parades to fun contests or even bar strolls. This southernmost point of United States looks at its best to rejoice for America’s freedom day.

It will be foolish if you are around Florida and miss a part of this unique event. If you are coming to south Florida for July 4th celebration and vacation and need transportation to and from local hotels, beaches and other attractions from the airport, fill out our reservation form or call us at 305-588-6143 for quotes and customized offers.

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