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Jiffy Jeff Transportation™: Your Passport to Florida’s Magic

Set your sights on Florida’s marvels, and let Jiffy Jeff Transportation™ be your guide. From the sun-kissed coasts of Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Palm Beach to the enchanting realms of Orlando and Kissimmee, we’re here to make every journey memorable.

🎢 Orlando/Kissimmee Adventures Await: Dive into a world where fairy tales come to life at Walt Disney World, and explore the myriad attractions the region has to offer.

🌍 A World of Attractions: From the futuristic Epcot and wild Animal Kingdom to the cinematic wonders of Universal Studios and aquatic marvels of Sea World, endless excitement awaits. And for those seeking a splash, the water parks promise exhilarating fun.

🚀 Beyond the Theme Parks: Venture to the Kennedy Space Center for a cosmic experience. Delight in Orlando’s buzzing food and nightlife scenes, indulge in outlet shopping, and uncover countless hidden gems.

🎓 University of Central Florida – Your Next Chapter: Embarking on an academic journey? Whether you’re touring the campus or moving into the dorms, Jiffy Jeff Transportation™ ensures a seamless experience. Focus on the thrill of new beginnings, and we’ll handle the rest.

Travel Stress-Free with Jiffy Jeff: Forget about traffic, tolls, and parking hassles. With us at the helm, you can immerse in creating cherished memories. Sit back, enjoy the ride, and let us lead the way to unforgettable moments.

We’ll do the driving, you do the picture taking.


Jiffy Jeff Transportation™: Your Key to Florida’s Gulf Coast Treasures

Set your sights on Florida’s charm with Jiffy Jeff Transportation™! Beyond our signature airport transfers and cruise port shuttles, we unlock the doors to some of the Sunshine State’s most enchanting locales.

🌴 Westward to the Gulf Coast: From the bustling cities of Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Palm Beach, let us transport you to the tranquil havens of Naples, Tampa, Saint Pete, and Sarasota. Experience the Gulf Coast’s serene beaches and azure waters, all while we handle the travel intricacies.

🎒Naples – A Blend of Luxury and Nature: Renowned for its elite shopping, gourmet dining, and premier golf courses, Naples is a haven for both relaxation and adventure. Explore the pristine beaches, such as the iconic Naples Pier and the serene DelnorWiggins Pass State Park, among other sought-after tourist spots.

Jiffy Jeff Transportation™ – Your Trusted Travel Partner: Dive into the Gulf Coast’s beauty, and let us steer the journey. With our expertise, every trip becomes a luxurious and hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus solely on making memories that last a lifetime.

We‘ll do the driving, you do the enjoying.


Discover Florida’s Coastal Appeal with Jiffy Jeff Transportation™

Journey through the Sunshine State’s iconic destinations, with Jiffy Jeff Transportation™ as your trusted guide. Beyond our renowned airport and cruise port services, we introduce you to the heart and soul of Florida.

🌊Daytona Beach – The World’s Most Famous Beach: Celebrated as a Spring Breakers’ paradise for decades, Daytona Beach offers more than just golden sands. It’s a sanctuary for surfers, sunbathers, and everyone in between. As summer blooms, the Daytona Beach Bandshell comes alive with free concerts, while the Daytona Lagoon promises endless fun with its water slides, laser tag, and go-karts. The vibrant boardwalk pulses with energy, making every visit memorable.

🏁The Need for Speed: Daytona Beach isn’t just about the waves; it’s about the race. Home to the legendary Daytona 500 at the Daytona International Speedway, it’s a hub for speed enthusiasts. And when Bike Week rolls around, the city transforms. With over 100,000 motorcycle aficionados expected this year, the event promises live music, unique bike gear, and electrifying street parties. Ready to join the thrill and make it 100,002?

🏦 Venture Further – Jacksonville & Saint Augustine: Just a short drive north of Daytona, Jacksonville and Saint Augustine await. Rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, these cities offer even more Floridian gems to explore.

Jiffy Jeff Transportation™ – Your Coastal Navigator: Let us handle the logistics, so you can immerse yourself in the magnetism of Daytona Beach and beyond.

We‘ll do the driving, you enjoy the Sun and speed.

Fort Myers

Jiffy Jeff Transportation™: Your Gateway to Fort Myers’ Coastal Delights

Fort Myers, nestled in Southwest Florida, beckons with its sunkissed beaches and rich history. With Jiffy Jeff Transportation™ as your trusted guide, dive into the endless experiences this coastal gem has to offer.

⛱ Beach Bliss in Fort Myers: From the shimmering shores of Fort Myers Beach to the tranquil islands of Sanibel and Captiva, indulge in a weekend of sunbathing, ocean dips, and seashell collecting. Let the waves remind you to pause, breathe, and relish the moment.

🏦 Historical Treasures: Beyond its beaches, Fort Myers is a tapestry of history. Explore the winter estates of luminaries like Thomas Edison at Seminole Lodge and Henry Ford at the Mangoes. Delve into the city’s roots, tracing back to the Seminole Wars, and discover tales that shaped its identity.

🎓 Florida Gulf Coast University – Your Academic Adventure: Embarking on a journey with Florida Gulf Coast University? Whether you’re touring the campus or transitioning into dorm life, Jiffy Jeff Transportation™ ensures a smooth ride. Embrace the excitement of new academic horizons, and let us handle the logistics.

Your Trusted Partner in Fort Myers: At Jiffy Jeff Transportation, our commitment is to offer safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation. Whether you’re exploring historical sites, hitting the beaches, or venturing into academic pursuits, we’re here to ensure you focus on the memories, while we manage the miles.

So, sit back and enjoy the ride, breathe again, we’ve got you covered.

Tampa Bay and Saint Petersburg

Journey into Tampa Bay’s Heart with Jiffy Jeff Transportation™

Experience Florida like never before, with Jiffy Jeff Transportation™ steering your adventure. We’re more than your airport and cruise port connection; we’re the bridge to Tampa Bay’s vibrant experiences.

🌇 Tampa Bay Highlights: Set your pulse racing with thrilling rides at Busch Gardens. Dive deep into marine life at the Florida Aquarium or spark your intellect at the Museum of Science & Industry. Admire surreal artistry at the Dali Museum, relive history in Ybor City, groove at the Gasparilla Music Festival, and treat your palate at the iconic Bern’s Steak House.

🌆 Saint Petersburg – The Sunshine City: Just a stone’s throw from Tampa, Saint Petersburg beckons with its artistic flair, waterfront charm, and sun-soaked vibes. Explore the renowned Museum of Fine Arts, stroll along the vibrant Central Avenue, or relax at the pristine beaches. The city’s bustling downtown, filled with unique boutiques, eateries, and galleries, offers a cultural feast for every traveler.

⚾ Sporting Spirit & Green Escapes: Rally behind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Tampa Bay Rays and feel the city’s sporting heartbeat. For a change of pace, Tampa’s lush parks and nature preserves offer tranquil retreats.

📚 Academic Pursuits in Tampa Bay: Thinking about the University of South Florida or the University of Tampa? Let Jiffy Jeff Transportation™ simplify your academic transitions. From insightful campus visits to the big move-in day, we’re your reliable travel ally.

Travel Tampa with Jiffy Jeff: Navigate Tampa Bay’s wonders without the usual travel fuss. With Jiffy Jeff in charge, all you need to do is soak in the city’s essence and create lasting memories.

We‘ll do the driving, you enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of this city.

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