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You will receive an email confirmation within 72 hours from submitting the completed reservation form. If you do not receive one, please send us an email after you have checked your junk mailbox to see if our confirmation went there in error.

If your reservation form was submitted on the weekend, any time from Friday through Monday, we will get back to you on Tuesday.

No. We ask that you pay your driver for the fare at the end of your transfer. If you were happy with the driver’s service, gratuities are always appreciated. It is customary in the transportation industry to tip your driver 20% of the fare price if you are happy with the service.

No. We ask that you kindly refrain from eating, drinking and smoking in the van during your transfer. We pride ourselves on providing a clean and smoke free environment for our passengers.

Yes. We accept Visa and Master Card. A nominal processing fee will be charged depending on the fare price.

We are very big on communication. Your confirmation email will provide instructions on how to find us at the airport. We ask that when you land, you call us to confirm your arrival. Be sure you turn on your cell phone and take it off of airplane mode. Once you receive your luggage, we ask that you call us again for specific instructions on where to meet up with our driver at the assigned pickup area outside the terminal.

When your ship docks at the Port, we ask that you immediately turn on your cell phone and take it off airplane mode so you can receive calls and data. We will call you to confirm your arrival and provide you instructions throughout the disembarkation process.

Yes – we pick up at most area hotels surrounding the airport. Pick up times for FLL airport hotels south of the airport begin at approximately 10 am. If your hotel is north of FLL airport we begin pick-ups around 11-12 pm.

Yes we will make pick-ups at the beach, however these pick up times start around 1 pm. This provides plenty of time to get to your cruise ship.

We encourage people to take earlier flights when arriving in South Florida, however since the cruise ships typically accept passengers until 3:30-4:00 p.m. we can pick up passengers at the FLL airport from early afternoon flights and still make it to the Port of Miami in time to catch the cruise ship. It typically takes 30 minutes to make it from the FLL airport to the Port of Miami depending on traffic and weather. Unfortunately we cannot control either.

We are a private shuttle service. You will be the only passengers in our vehicles.

No, we are a full service transportation company and cater to private events as well. We can handle transportation services for weddings, private parties, corporate events and more. We can also assist with transfers throughout the state of Florida. Please send us an email to inquire about these services and our hourly rates and availability.

Depending on the type of transfer and transfer time, there may be a minimum passenger requirement. For transfers after 3 pm there is a minimum charge based on the location. If your transfer requires a minimum amount of passengers, we will inform you upon receipt of your inquiry or reservation form.

Yes. All passengers pay the same fare since they take up a seat in the shuttle. For the safety of our children passengers, we provide child safety seats and booster seats. These seats are in some of our vehicles however please indicate if you need one.

Yes, our vans have ample storage space to accommodate a lot of luggage. Our drivers are trained to stack luggage efficiently to maximize space.

We at Jiffy Jeff Transportation™ pride ourselves on being efficient, timely and safe when transporting our passengers. We make every effort to pick up our passengers timely and drop them off at their destination when promised. Unfortunately, we live in a congested area and cannot control traffic flow and accidents on the highways. We use the latest navigation technology to find the most efficient stress free way to bring you to your destination.

No. All fare prices quoted include all toll charges and transfer fees.

Yes. We will accommodate late night and early morning transfer requests. Please inquire about rates and availability via email.

Yes. Inquire via email regarding rates and availability.

There will be extra charges for the handling of excessive baggage, scooters, travel wheelchairs, boxes, golf clubs and any other items you may be travelling with that take up extra space in our vans during transfers. You will be notified of these charges at the time of booking provided you inform us of the amount of luggage and. /or large sized items you will be travelling with. Excessive baggage is typically more than 2-3 bags per person. The amount of extra charges will vary. Please inquire about the charges if you travel with such items. While we use extra care when loading such items in our vans for transport, we are not responsible for any damages that may be incurred.

No. For most transfers we require a deposit to secure the transfer(s) and schedule the driver/van for your scheduled pickup. Therefore, we cannot refund deposits. In the event of extreme situations such as the recent national pandemic, Management reserves the right to modify this policy on a case by case basis.

Face masks are optional unless something changes in the future. We may enforce this mask policy at any given time depending on the current requirements from our local government.

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