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Is there anything I should NOT bring on my cruise ship?

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide what to bring on vacation. It’s tempting to just bring it all. However, a cruise is not the best trip to bring everything you own.

If you don’t know how small cabins on a cruise ship are, you will find out soon and wish you did not pack 32 shirts, 18 shorts and 24 bathing suits for a three day cruise. Jiffy Jeff is a South Florida and cruise vacation travel expert.

Here are his suggestions of what to leave on shore and out of your bag:

1. Blow Dryers

Most cruise ships have blow dryers in the room; Plus, ask yourself, it’s vacation, who cares what your hair looks like anyway?!

2. Not Too Many Shoes

Everybody loves shoes and it is good idea to bring a few pairs, but be careful not to bring too many. You only need sneakers, flip flops, and dress shoes. One pair of each and that is more than enough (my girlfriend is punching me when I write this). Frankly, you will probably be shoeless half the time anyway.

3. Not Too Many Clothes

Planning out your vacation day by day in advance helps you pack exactly what you need. Depending on your destination, you will most likely be doing water related activities and will throw on a bathing suit, t-shirt, and flip-flops every day, so don’t over think that. No need for an absurd amount of unnecessary clothing, be realistic and keep your limited unpacking space in mind. Don’t forget the cruise dining schedule. There is usually one formal night for the great looking outfit.

4. Refreshments

Most cruise lines do not allow you to bring your own alcohol on board, so make sure to either call ahead or just forget it to begin with. Although you are not allowed alcohol, you are normally allowed to bring soft drinks, which is also recommended to save money. On board, some sodas are sold for what your pina colada should cost.

5. Order Water, don’t pack it

Staying hydrated when traveling is very important, especially on a cruise to avoid getting seasick. Traveling with water bottles can be annoying and take up a lot of space, so a great idea would be to call the cruise line ahead of time and make sure they deliver water bottles to your room! Yes, they do this! This way you don’t have to deal with the hassle of packing them, and they will be there waiting for you upon your arrival.

Follow these guidelines and you will be all set for the best cruise! Try not to over pack, you won’t wear most of it and that means you will just have more to unpack and less room in your cabin.

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