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Quit These Poor Travel Habits to Improve Your Overall Experience

Wondering to go on vacation with your loved ones, but not sure which place to explore? If you live somewhere where the weather is constantly cold, then its best to give Miami a try. Miami is a perfect holiday spot to have brand-new experiences together. When you think of Miami, you think of beautiful beaches, parties, theme parks and magnificence lifestyles. While the place does have all these things and much more, it’s an amazing place to spend days, even weeks.

While traveling is fun and full of enjoyment as you get a chance to explore different places, it has many fun ways to make an otherwise normal traveler take on several troublesome habits that can drive anyone crazy.  Well, the good news is that no matter what kind of traveler are you, there are still chances out there to quit even the most persistent bad travel habits.

If you want to travel better, contact us at Go Jiffy Jeff acknowledge a few of the bad traveling habits you should say goodbye this year.


This is one of the common things that most travelers have been doing. Many want to pack half of their wardrobe, after all, who wants to leave their favorite stuff at home.  Those who take too much clothing along with them end up not wearing them. So, when it comes to clothing, it’s better to take just the right amount and leave some extra room in your suitcase for any kind of purchases.


If you find that you are focusing more on that whether or not you are getting charged a fair price when facing a new currency, rather than enjoying your vacation, then it’s a bad habit. Well, there is a simple solution to this problem. When you travel to a new place, it’s good a download a currency exchange app on your mobile phone in order to keep yourself aware of the latest exchange rate.


This is a result of carrying your smartphone with you throughout the entire vacation. Worrying about the work at all the time won’t let you enjoy and as a result, can spoil your holiday. So, try to give yourself a break from your monotonous life and return back fresh to so, that you concentrate on your work.


One of the biggest bad travel habits you need to quit is forgetting to pre-book proper transportation. If you are traveling to Miami, this is where Go Jiffy Jeff transportation services can help you. We take pride in offering luxury transfer services from South Florida Airports, Cruise Ports, and the surrounding areas.

Looking for a reliable and fast ride to and from the airport? Get in touch with us today!

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