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10 Trending Live Music Spots to visit in Florida

LIVE musical concert acts as a platform which connects the music lovers and the artists. The artist aims at striking the right chord while adding double bass to his performance. With the help of grooves and moves, the artist offers a musical treat to his/her audience. Are you a music lover and want to experience the LIVE concert where singing aloud loudly will not be questioned by anyone?  Take a look at these 10 trending LIVE music spots of Florida where you can enjoy the reverb and yodelling  effects used by the artist.

1. The Green Parrot Bar, Key West

The Green Parrot Bar has become the popular  LIVE music venue of Key West. Ever since its establishment in 1990, it has driven the music enthusiasts and its iconic bar is an added merit to its customers.  This exclusive bar offers multiple entertainment options by expanding its services.  This bar discovers skilled artists from all over the world. Since, this musical spot hosts a LIVE music concert every night,  The Green Parrot Bar is worth a visit during your stay in Florida.

2. Pax, Miami

PAX(Performing Arts  Exchange) is situated in Little Havana  might have been a new hangout place comparatively, yet its popularity is commendable.  Pax  works towards a noble cause wherein promotes and raises awareness of Miami’s cultural art and its significance. This modern and independent centre offers absolute entertainment with its theatrical presentations, LIVE music concerts, movie screenings, art related seminars and talks and much more..

3. Churchill’s Pub, Miami

Ever since its establishment in September 1979, Churchill’s Pub has offered LIVE music to the music lovers of Miami. This famous pub has launched the career of music artists like Mavericks, Marilyn Manson and other bands and independent artists. These artists have witnessed a commendable stepping stone in their career. Visit Churchill’s Pub, enjoy a drink and get mesmerize in the symphony of LIVE live acts in Miami.

4. The Orpheum, Ybor City, Tampa

The Orpheum is based in the Ybor City of Tampa, Florida. The Orpheum theatre has successfully boosted the career of upcoming and existing music artists. With its LIVE events and musical sessions, this theatre has entertained the audience from over a decade. This famous recreational place hosts a variety of events such as plays, dance competitions, club events, charitable fund-raising shows, club events and art exhibition.

5. The Social, Orlando

The Social is a famous Indie club situated in Orlando. It is known for featuring diverse bands who perform in a very subtle atmosphere within the bar. The Orlando Weekly is a local newspaper which has rated The Social among the top LIVE music centres consistently. This Indie Club is a blend of  national, International and local acts which are held at the night.

6. Will’s Pub, Orlando

Will’s Pub was established in 1955 and it is located in Orlando. With the capacity of 200 people, Will’s Pub has hosted diverse acts such as The Queers, The Drive-in, Lucero, Against Me among others. Will’s Pub can also be a daily hangout place for the ultimate dose of entertainment.

7. The Atlantic Nightspot, Gainesville

Located in Gainesville, The Atlantic Nightspot is an arcade bar, dance club and music spot. This exclusive LIVE music venue that has hosted acts from all over the country. It opens only 5 days a week from 5pm to 2am. Catch the dose of musical treat by visiting The Atlantic Nightspot.

8. Jack Rabbits, Jacksonville

This discreet bar and LIVE concert venue presents the national as well as regional tourist acts. Jack Rabbits is one of the top LIVE music venues in North Florida. It also hosts Indie acts from Yo La Tengo to Dan Deacon. Jack Rabbits has a blend of fantastic acoustics and sound setup.

9. Grand Central, Miami

Grand Central is a special music venue located in Miami. This place is a place for LIVE bands who can make their performance special amidst the power chord. The sound and lighting system of this music create an extraordinary effect on the artist’s performance.  There is a transition in the lighting and sound system on the basis of  the artists or bands performing. It is an awesome place which even discovers latent talent of some local band or artists as well. In short, Grand Central is a must visit venue for the music lovers to be checked out in Miami. You will discover fresh music talent venue.

10. Underbelly, Jacksonville

The Underbelly is a small bar which hosts act like LIVE music concert. This bar also offers a widely designed Bar along with an outstanding sound system and lighting arrangement. These factors make the ambiance of the bar incredible. It is a brilliant option for exploring musical treat to be experienced  in Jacksonville.


In case, you love  watching LIVE music performances, then,  you should definitely consider the above mentioned LIVE music spots whenever you visit Florida.

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