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4 Cities Of South Florida You Should Not Miss

When people think about South Florida, the things which come to their mind is sunshine, alligators ,theme parks and orange juice. South Florida is a beautiful vacation spot where you will find beautiful beaches, amazing and fresh food in the seafood fare and the best thing world class shopping. South Florida is a sparkling mix of contrasts and a beautiful place to visit with your loved ones. It is a place that attracts people of all ages who want to enjoy, everyone from families to millennials and seniors. Are you planning for South Florida trip?

To find out which city will suit your travel needs, here is a list of four cities of South Florida you should not miss.

1. Sarasota

One of the most underrated and best kid friendly vacation destinations in Florida is Sarasota.
Not only this place have gorgeous spectacular sunsets, most beautiful sand on the planet and amazing art community but it is also the one of the best kid friendly area on the west coast of South Florida. Once you will visit Sarasota, Florida you will definitely end up visiting here again and again. Here you will find friendly people, and your kids will love all that what Sarasota has to offer. To know why Sarasota is considered as the best kid friendly vacation spot in the Florida you should definitely visit here once with your kids.

2. Miami

Miami is one of the best tourist destination at Florida’s southeastern tip. It is famous because of its various beautiful attractions and sunny and warm climate. This glamorous place is also popular for its colorful art decorative buildings, surfride hotels, amazing nightclubs and white sand. Miami has everything – beautiful wildlife, great beaches and most important amazing and friendly people.

3. Sanibel

Sanibel is a famous city on Sanibel Island located in southwest Florida. Sanibel Island offer tourists a great combination of laid-back attractions and beautiful natural landscapes. Sanibel City is famed for beautiful beaches filled with shells that wash away ashore from the famous Gulf of Mexico. This place is also considered as a famous tourist destination for wildlife refuges. Lighthouse Beach in Sanibel is very famous and has a fishing pier, showers and picnic areas. There are many other attractions in Sanibel which you will definitely love, once you visit this place.

4. Naples

Naples is a city situated on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida that is famous for golf courses and high-end shopping. It is one of the wealthiest cities in US with sixth highest per capita income in the country. This city is famous as dolphin spotting and fishing destination. You will find famous zoos, water parks, beaches and museums here. So, what are you waiting for come and explore the attractions of Naples.


If you are planning a trip for Florida this winters, then you should definitely visit the above mentioned four cities of South Florida. For luxury shuttle services from all Airports of South Florida and Surrounding area hotels, contact Jiffy Jeff Transportation™ right away

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