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Few Important Things Your Airport Transportation Service Wants To Know

For those people who are frequent business travelers, it’s very important to hire a good airport transportation company that will meet all their expectations. It is also of utmost importance to look for an airport transportation service who has been in the industry for several years with a proven track record. before choosing which airport transportation company in Miami that will take you or your loved ones safety to and fro the airport, there are several important factors that your chosen airport transportation company wants to know. We at Go Jiffy Jeff have all been there to serve you with our luxury shuttle service if you are traveling to Miami for any personal or professional purpose.

We at Go Jiffy Jeff wants our customers to be prepared the next time they are in Miami. below listed are few important things that you should tell your airport transportation providers while scheduling the shuttle service.


No matter you forget everything else, the departure information including travel date, time, pick up location and the flight departure location are some of the most important subjects to address. It is very important to share all these details with the airport transportation service company in advanced. by knowing this, the experienced drivers of the airport transportation service can help determine the right time to pick up you from location and drop to the intended destination.


It’s very important for your prospective airport transportation service company to know about the number of people who would be traveling with you. And, on the top of traveling, to and from the airport with many people requiring a larger transport vehicle, luggage is often an aspect that is mostly overlooked in the entire transportation process. This is the reason why it’s so important to prepare the transport service with actual numbers so that they can choose the appropriate transportation vehicle for you.


In case you want to use the same airport transportation service for the returning flight as well, make sure you also provide them with your arrival information. If you face delays or miss your flight due to any reasons, be sure to inform the important transportation service about such changes in order to make adjustments for your pick up.


As different people come from different walks of life, so it’s so important to inform the airport transportation company of any challenges or restrictions you might have. For example, an elder person may have a hard time getting in and out of the vehicle to the ground, so having a wheelchair or any other help that needs to travel with them is important. Knowing about the limitations or challenges you might have can help your prospective airport transportation service company to be well prepared in advance.


Well, thankfully, there are some airport transportation services in South Florida like Go Jiffy Jeff who will be sure to ask all these important questions.

We at Go Jiffy Jeff offer the best airport transportation service with experienced drivers from all South Florida airports, cruise ports, and surrounding hotels. To learn more about our airport transportation services, get in touch with us!

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